It all started many years ago in my Italian Grandmother's Connecticut kitchen...

I was three and couldn't stuff the 20 pound Thanksgiving turkey perfectly so I did the most logical thing. I threw it on the floor. My father stood by and laughed, knowing I could quite possibly have a career as a chef someday. Yes, it's true what they say, most chefs are quite temperamental. And a tiny bit dysfunctional.

Welcome to Big City Kitchen. I'm Amanda, personal chef by day, frustrated creative type by night. I concocted this website in order to vent and welcome total strangers into my life.

My illustrious cooking career began when I attended and almost immediately dropped out of culinary school. I went on to apprentice in a few impressive kitchens, eventually running some of them, then found my way to San Francisco and never looked back. I don't claim to know everything about cooking so please don't email me and tell me I suck. This site is an experiment of sorts.

I share a piece of San Francisco real estate with my two young daughters, a lactose intolerant husband, one cat and two rescue dogs from Taiwan.

If I had my way I'd be on an airplane right now visiting anywhere. I prefer most things organic (even underwear) My drink of choice is champagne. I flew to Paris last year to run the half marathon but due to a knee injury I had to sit it out and drink wine and eat oysters. I dabble in photography and take all photos on this site unless otherwise noted. Please don't steal them, I'm quite handy with a knife, so please ask first.