Big City Finds: French Butter

Sel de Mer Butter

In life, there are some things you just can't live without - those baggy, ripped sweatpants that you only wear in the comfort of your own home. Or how about the artesian water you have flown in by hot air balloon from Bjork's personal waterfall in Reykjavik? 

I totally made that up, I would never wear ripped sweatpants.

My one can't live without item is French butter. Rather than splurge on expensive designer handbags, I splurge on creamy, bright yellow colored butter with large crunchy sea salt crystals. I was in Paris last year and fell in love with a particular butter called  Grand Fermage  Sel de Mer. I loved it so much I brought back one dozen bricks in my suitcase. Sadly, my family devoured it all within a couple of months and I was in a slight panic when I opened the freezer and found a crumpled empty ziplock bag.

Since I had no luck convincing my husband I needed to board a plane to Paris to pick up a few more pounds of butter, I scoured the internet looking for something similar. 

And voilà!


igourmet has a great selection of butters at quite a reasonable price. The bulk of the cost is shipping though - worth it to me...

I ordered a Belgian butter called Les Prés Salés, made with sea salt from Camargue,  as well as Isigny which I also happened to find at a local specialty market here in San Francisco, although not on a regular basis. I included an Irish butter called Glanstal since my go to everyday salted butter is Kerry Gold.

All of the butters I ordered are delicious and creamy, but I thought the Belgian butter was as close in taste and creaminess to the Grand Fermage. But all in all, it's delicious creamy salty butter, how could you go wrong?

Since my favorite butter is not available in the United States (unless someone out there knows a connection) it looks like I'll be secretly planning a butter buying journey this summer, though I may need one suitcase for butter alone...